Effective, economic power generation for rural communities and remote locations remains a significant challenge. Current solutions focus on diesel power generation or renewable energy, such as wind or solar. Diesel power is expensive, requiring regular refueling and renewable energy is erratic with fluctuations in the wind and guaranteed periods with no sunlight. The mandates of many governments across the globe to provide universal access to electric power mean that global utility companies are striving to deliver economic solutions to remote and rural populations.

Altaeros’ autonomous tethered airborne platforms are designed to lift a lightweight wind turbine up to 600m above ground, where winds are strong and consistent. At these heights, Altaeros can deliver unprecedented value:

  • Generate over twice the energy output of similarly rated wind turbines
  • Siting flexibility, independent of ground wind patterns
  • Automated, reliable operation resulting in minimized logistics and support
  • Rapid installation out of standard shipping containers
  • Significant reductions in diesel generator fuel consumption
  • Contributions to renewable energy credits

Utilizing proven aerostat technology combined with Altaeros’ patented autonomous control approach and innovative design, economic, clean power generation can be a reality rather than a wish.

Wind Power Density

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