Our Solution

Nearly half of the world’s population still lacks reliable internet access and as a result those people are being left behind in the race to digital. These communities are often in rural markets that are the last to receive cellular coverage. Using traditional infrastructure solutions, it is simply too expensive and difficult to build networks over such vast areas with relatively few subscribers. With the explosion of data and the introduction of new and exciting services like 5G and IOT, this infrastructure gap is being felt more acutely than ever.

The Altaeros SuperTower is designed to meet this challenge. Each SuperTower deploys radios and antennas over 800 feet above ground level. Greater height and flexibility mean a single SuperTower replaces fifteen regular cell towers at 60% lower cost, shifting the rural networks from a loss-making endeavor to a growth engine for carriers.

Fewer Sites, Faster Deployment

With a 15X reduction in site count and less stringent site selection criteria, Altaeros can help you accelerate your network build or roll out new technologies faster and more efficiently than traditional towers—with significant cost savings too.

Any Equipment, Any Technology

The SuperTower is a flexible, service-agnostic platform capable of supporting any number of technologies. Whether you’re looking to deploy LTE, 5G or extend the edge of your network with long range wireless backhaul, you can stick with your preferred equipment vendor to ensure your rural expansion is smooth and seamless.

For information on specific SuperTower models available now, send us a request at sales@altaeros.com