Our Technology

At the core of the SuperTower solution is Altaeros’ autonomous tethered aerostat. Historically, aerostats depended on a full-time ground crew for safe operation which limited their use to high cost military and government applications. With modern design capabilities and patented autonomous control, Altaeros eliminates the need for a permanent ground crew. Our aerostat platforms are an order of magnitude less expensive to operate, while retaining the field proven reliability earned over decades of operational experience.

The SuperTower ST200

Seamless Network Integration

SuperTower site architecture is identical to that of traditional macro towers, down to the model number of the RAN equipment. By using the same equipment in the same way, SuperTowers seamlessly integrate into your existing network.

Designed for Maximum Flexibility

From the initial setup to upgrading equipment, the SuperTower is designed with speed and simplicity in mind. Radio and antenna equipment can be quickly swapped from the safety of the ground station work platform, without specially trained tower climbers.

Countless Applications

Potential applications for Altaeros’ technology include:

  • Cellular Networks
  • Industrial/Agricultural IOT
  • Fixed Wireless
  • Environmental Monitoring and Agribusiness
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Public Safety

To learn more please contact Altaeros at info@altaeros.com.