At the core of the SuperTower solution is the Altaeros autonomous tethered aerial platform. We combine an aerostat, which is one of the most robust, proven aerial platforms available, with an innovative flight control system. With this simple combination, Altaeros has deployed the world’s first full scale autonomous aerostat system to provide an unprecedented mix of reliability, endurance, cost, and payload capacity.

What is an aerostat?

Aerostats are the industrial versions of blimps and dirigibles. The airborne portion, or ͞envelope͟, uses helium gas to stay aloft, and is connected to a stationary ground system with a tether containing integrated optical fiber and power conductors. Aerostats have been deployed for decades to lift monitoring and communications systems in some of the harshest environments in the world.

“In modern military use, aerostats are recognized as cost-effective, survivable systems capable of providing enhanced ISR, communications and force protection capabilities to numerous operational scenarios.”

LTA Vehicle Summary Report, 2012, Office of the Asst. Sec. of Defense for Research and Engineering

Today, aerostats depend on a full-time ground crew for safe operation, which limits their use to high cost military and government applications. Altaeros has set out to change this, eliminating the need for a ground crew and opening up aerostats to widespread commercial use.

Safe. Reliable. Autonomous.

Altaeros builds upon decades of aerostat industry experience and field operations to ensure the safe, reliable operation of its aerial platforms. A novel flight control system automatically manages the ascent, station-keeping and descent operations, and secures the aerostat on its ground station during severe weather. Eliminating the role of the full-time ground crew both reduces the cost to operate and expands the range of operating conditions, translating into a low-cost, highly reliable platform for deploying all types of payloads. The small footprint and compact shipping further ensures low cost, rapid deployment compared to fixed infrastructure like steel towers.

Potential applications for Altaeros’ technology include:

  • Telecommunication
  • Numerous IOT applications
  • Fixed Wireless
  • Environmental monitoring and agribusiness
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Public Safety


The first commercially available product utilizing the Altaeros autonomous aerostat platform, the SuperTower integrates state-of-the-art, high gain antennas and a 5G-ready, multi-sector LTE base-station. This flexible system can incorporate any number of radio systems to ensure seamless integration into our customer’s networks, providing a turnkey solution to deliver high-speed connectivity to hard-to-reach rural communities. The SuperTower will help our customers make communication more affordable, and extend coverage to where it doesn’t exist today.

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