Over 4 billion people lack reliable Internet service and 1.6 billion lack mobile voice service. Service providers have struggled to profitably provide service to rural areas, given the challenges of site acquisition, backhaul, energy requirements, and the logistics of supporting large numbers of remote cell towers. The Altaeros SuperTower offers a new approach. Our tethered aerostat solution, capable of carrying a large scale 4G LTE or 5G payload, provides coverage of up to 10,000 km2, the equivalent of 20-30 conventional towers.

Benefits to operators

  • Provides mobile voice and high speed data service to rural areas for up to 70% less than conventional towers
  • Reduces site acquisition and approval delays
  • Minimize backhaul infrastructure costs
  • Cuts energy costs by up to 50%
  • Reduce operations and maintenance overhead


  • Provide coverage in historically un-reachable areas
  • Lower cost, higher speed/capacity solution for rural areas
  • Rapid deployment solution for events, disaster recovery


  • 2017: Successfully demonstrated the SuperTower in rural Maine, using a multi-sector Ericsson LTE base station to deliver broadband speeds with streaming video
  • 2018: Targeted trials with select operators
  • 2019: Commence commercial deployments

To learn more about how Altaeros can help enhance your mobile coverage, contact us today at info@altaeros.com.