An elevated

vantage point

to connect



and data

High capacity, long-endurance aerial platforms deliver the data you need, when and where you need it. 

SuperTowers™ combine field-proven aerostat systems with a revolutionary automation system: Aerostat Autopilot. The result expands the realm of possibility for how wireless providers, rural communities, and remote industries stay connected in the hardest-to-reach places.


See how Altaeros drives efficiency in your industry.


Learn about Aerostat Autopilot and how it can simplify aerostat operation.


Meet the leadership team powering Altaeros and SuperTower development.

Introducing: ST-Flex

ST-Flex is a portable, rapidly deployable SuperTower designed to simplify and accelerate network deployments for industrial IoT, disaster response, rural connectivity, and many other data intensive applications.

Aerostat Autopilot: Revolutionizing the way aerostats are operated

Altaeros has developed the world’s most advanced autonomous control system for tethered aerostats: Aerostat Autopilot. Aerostat Autopilot runs all day-to-day operations of our SuperTowers including, launching, landing, smooth flight, and more. These advancements allow aerostats to be operated more safely, effectively, and at massive cost savings. In this video, CEO/CTO Ben Glass sat down to discuss the features and functionality of Aerostat Autopilot and how it can help aerostat operators around the world.

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