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High capacity, long-endurance aerial platforms deliver the data you need, when and where you need it. 

SuperTowers™ combine field-proven aerostat systems with a revolutionary automation system: Aerostat Autopilot. The result expands the realm of possibility for how wireless providers, rural communities, and remote industries stay connected in the hardest-to-reach places.


See how Altaeros drives efficiency in your industry.


Learn about Aerostat Autopilot and how it can simplify aerostat operation.


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Introducing: ST-Flex

ST-Flex is a portable, rapidly deployable SuperTower designed to simplify and accelerate network deployments for industrial IoT, disaster response, rural connectivity, and many other data intensive applications.

Aerostat Autopilot: Revolutionizing the way aerostats are operated

Altaeros has developed the world’s most advanced autonomous control system for tethered aerostats: Aerostat Autopilot. Aerostat Autopilot runs all day-to-day operations of our SuperTowers including, launching, landing, smooth flight, and more. These advancements allow aerostats to be operated more safely, effectively, and at massive cost savings. In this video, CEO/CTO Ben Glass sat down to discuss the features and functionality of Aerostat Autopilot and how it can help aerostat operators around the world.

Latest News: SoftBank and Altaeros Launch World’s First Autonomous Aerostat

SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”), Japan’s leading mobile carrier, completed initial testing of Altaeros’ ST-Flex™ autonomous aerostat. Operational and telecom tests were performed at Hokkaido Spaceport, Taiki Town, Hokkaido, Japan. SoftBank and Altaeros first launched the ST-Flex on May 2, 2022 and performed evaluation tests through May. ST-Flex carried SoftBank’s base station system, which was equipped with its proprietary cylindrical antenna that realizes communication area footprint fixation, to a height of 816 feet (249m), where it was connected to their ground equipment via optical fiber and power conductors embedded in the tethers.

Recent News: Altaeros and World Mobile Partner to Connect the Unconnected in Africa

World Mobile, the first mobile network powered and run by the people, partners with Altaeros, developers of the world’s first autonomous aerostats, to connect the unconnected. Through this partnership, Altaeros and World Mobile will provide low-altitude aerostats (tethered balloon platforms) with a coverage area of roughly 4,000 square km each, forming part of World Mobile’s Dynamic Network. World Mobile plans to launch these balloons across Africa to connect hundreds of millions of people. Two or three aerostats will launch in Zanzibar, anchoring the network and delivering connectivity to 100% of the island. Each aerostat will connect hundreds of thousands of subscribers and each subscriber to the network will be creating a blockchain wallet on World Mobile. World Mobile will be deploying thousands of aerostats across the continent.


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