Aerial Advertising 

Elevate your brand and reach more eyes on the ground by putting your message on an aerostat.

Our Solution

Altaeros ST-Flex aerostats offer advertisers a distinctive and highly effective way to get consumers’ attention at big outdoor events.  Custom graphics can be applied temporarily or permanently to the aerostat for branding campaigns. Nearly 60 feet long, the ST-Flex is as long as a 5-story building is tall and is impossible to miss from any seat in a stadium or festival ground.


Elevated Messaging

The ST-Flex easily stands out when compared to in-stadium signage. While a multitude of brands compete for attendees’ attention within the stadium, aerial advertisers in the skies above stand out with less competition for attention.

Branded WiFi

With the ST-Flex, which is designed to carry electronic payloads for wireless connectivity, advertisers also have the ability to provide sponsored WiFi access to event attendees. Advertisers can rollout a layered advertising approach, offering event attendees free WiFi access after viewing an ad on their smartphones, or encouraging attendees to use the WiFi access to post social media posts about seeing the branded aerostat.

Aerial Photography

The ST-Flex can also be deployed with remotely operated 4K video cameras to capture event footage. For televised events, advertisers will further increase impressions every time background shots of the aerostat floating above the venue are broadcast.

Surveys Show Aerial Advertising is Highly Effective 

88%  of people recall aerial advertising a full 30 minutes after seeing it

79% knew exactly what product or service had been advertised


67% recalled at least half of the substance being advertised 

What we do

Altaeros specializes in the development, production, and operation of advanced tethered aerostat platforms. Our SuperTowers are the world’s only full-scale, fully autonomous aerostat system. Autonomy drives significant operational efficiencies, making our aerostat systems an order of magnitude more cost-effective than equivalent platforms.

Altaeros offers a range of turnkey rental options – from one week to multiple years – to meet the needs and budget of every advertiser. Whether you want to share a targeted message at a single event or you want to build a long-term, multi-unit advertising campaign, our professional crew will ensure your brand shines at every deployment. We will work with you to manage the application of your custom graphics to the ST-Flex. Our crews will deliver the ST-Flex when and where you want it, set it up, and operate it for the duration of each deployment. Afterwards, our crews will repack the ST-Flex and deliver it to your next advertising opportunity.

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