What’s unique about Altaeros?

Altaeros has big goals- delivering the next generation of infrastructure to those who need it most. Accomplishing those big goals requires innovation, creativity, and a bias toward action.

As a team, we push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. Sometimes that leads to success, and other times it leads to failure. Nevertheless, we believe that with failure comes learning, and as long as we are continuously learning, we are unstoppable.

An engineer with a hard hat sits near a SuperTower

Who are we

looking for?

People who value respect and integrity. We look for people who have “can do” attitudes- quick learners, passionate, nimble, adaptable and fun. You love a challenge. You get creative when an answer is not obvious.

The Altaeros Team Cheering

How do we


We never give up. We lean into discomfort and celebrate wins, both small and large. Our values guide us. We hold onto our vision and passion for creating a better future and keep fun infused in all we do.

Two engineers working together to build a SuperTower mooring station
How do we work together?

We > I The highly complex, interdisciplinary nature of infrastructure demands a highly collaborative effort. Therefore, we operate with a high level of transparency- information is always shared and never hidden. Psychological safety is actively cultivated within the team.

Three Altaeros engineers with a flying SuperTower above them

Our Benefits

  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Plans
  • Up to 90% Health coverage paid by Altaeros
  • 401k
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Paid holidays
  • Parental Leave
  • Group Term Life Insurance


A dog sitting in front of the SuperTower at Altaeros' R&D Center

Office Perks

  • Relaxed and Collaborative Work Environment
  • Occasional Catered Lunches
  • Snacks
  • Happy Hours
  • Dogs!

A Conversation About the Creation of the ST-Flex and the Altaeros Team with VP of Engineering, Sheri Palazzo

Meet Sheri Palazzo, Altaeros’ VP of Engineering! Sheri leads our team of world-class engineers who design and build our autonomous aerostats: SuperTowers. Sheri has an extensive background in product design and development, and she still claims that Altaeros is her favorite job ever! Our latest product, ST-Flex went from a design on a piece of paper to a fully working system in just over a year. It’s all thanks to our incredible team who put the work in.  Watch our new video to hear Sheri discuss how we built the ST-Flex and the team behind it!

Our Offices

Somerville Office

HQ - Somerville MA

561 Windsor Street – Suite B404

Somerville, Massachusetts 02143

A photo of Altaeros' R&D Center

R&D Center - Fremont NH

88 Iron Horse Drive

Fremont, New Hampshire 03044

From Our Employees

“I have two favorite parts of my job. The first is working and collaborating with other departments and engineers outside of my field. The second is flying aerostats! I have been flying aerostats for ten years now, first with the military in Afghanistan, then State-side at the border, and now here at Altaeros. Some people are hesitant to work at Altaeros because they don’t know anything about aerostats. I tell them, I can teach anyone to fly an aerostat, don’t be afraid to jump in and learn! As long as you are motivated, willing to push yourself, and humble enough to learn from others you will fit at Altaeros and we can teach you everything you need to know.”

Jason Sorinmade

Director of Flights

“Altaeros is doing things that have never been done before.  This means making use of every tool and technology available, both “new tech” and “old school”.  My career has taken me from vacuum tubes and transistors, to chips and microprocessors, to software and virtualization.  Any and all of these techniques can be useful.  We work hard in our specialties, but also across specialties; we have to collaborate well, to make this work.  If someone has a new idea, no one says “that’s crazy”.  Instead, they say “see if it’s possible.”  If it is, we find a way to make it work.  We are excited about bringing new products to life; for me, it’s more like play than work, because I love what we do.”

Josh Aranov

RF Field Engineer

“I love getting to do a little bit of everything at Altaeros. Here you’re not just doing a single thing, you’re doing something different every day. When I started as an intern in 2018 Altaeros was still a small startup with no marketing to speak of. I was tasked to build everything from the ground up. The process of taking the building blocks of marketing and creating a strategy and a full suite marketing materials was really exciting. I am so proud of how far we have come and where our marketing stands today. It’s been so fun to grow up with the company!”

Elise Niman

Marketing and PR Manager

“It sounds cliché, but what I love the most are the people at Altaeros. I think we have done a fantastic job of recruiting people from truly diverse backgrounds who all add to our culture, at the core of which is openness. Everyone here feels the security to speak their mind without fear of looking bad or being shut down. This openness allows us to have civilized conversations about anything and everything, from technical challenges, different work methodologies, to anything else. Working at a startup means wearing many hats and being ready to jump into various tasks and give a helping hand. This also gives you the opportunity to work across different teams and technical disciplines. By doing so you can learn new and exciting technologies, get to know all of our fabulous team, and grow in the process.”

Wei Guo

Senior Dynamics Modeling Engineer

“As the Product Data Specialist at Altaeros, I mainly work with the mechanical, and electrical engineering teams to streamline the manufacturing process. When I started working at Altaeros I was expecting a lot of smart people who wanted to guard their knowledge, but what I found was a lot of kind and intelligent people who wanted to help me learn and grow. The office I found myself working in was open floorplan, which is represented in the kind of people I met as well. Everyone was unique, and they were all talking things out with each other and collaborating on solutions. My favorite part of my job is listening to different perspectives from everyone on how they approach organizing their work to ultimately find common ground to reorganize the entire company’s workflow.”

Giovanni Vargas

Product Data Specialist


We are an Equal Opportunity employer committed to a diverse workforce. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability.