Emergency Response



Bring first responders online fast with a rapidly deployable, autonomous aerostat

ST-Flex aerostats offer a quick and effective way to provide wireless coverage after a disaster. Rapidly deployable SuperTowers can be towed and deployed in less than a day
to quickly provide wide-area coverage to the affected areas.

Reestablish Communications

LTE, LMR, and other
wireless technologies are essential
to saving life and property

Extend and Enhance Networks

Support interoperability and communications across agencies

Search and Rescue

Aid search and rescue efforts
with cameras and sensors to
identify people in need of help

Situational Awareness

Add sensors to any payload to monitor problem areas after a fire, flood, or other natural disaster to aid relief efforts.

First Responders Need Support Quickly to Accomplish Their Mission

1. Provide Coverage up to 25 Miles (40km) away. Larger coverage area means fewer network assets need to be deployed and maintained

2. Simplified Logistics Consolidating to a single network asset allows for quicker and cheaper setup and operations.

3. Autonomous Operation With Aerostat Autopilot, a single operator can simply send a launch command to the ST-Flex and the aerostat will autonomously take-off and fly.

Featured Product

ST-Flex Guardian Class

Guardian Class ST-Flex brings unparalleled
performance in a portable, rapidly
deployable package

-Maximum Flight Altitude: 1000 ft AGL (305m)

-Payload Mass: up to 132 lbs (60kg)

-Payload Types: Modular payload interface
supports a wide range of payloads including:
ISR, Radar, Narrow-Field Electro-optical/infrared,
Communications relay, Multi-sector 4G/5G

-Additional Government Features:
GPS hardening, ATTLA military transport certified,
enhanced encryption, and more.

-Operating Modes: Aerostat Autopilot (Fully
Autonomous), Remote Control, Local Control

-Off-road and highway towable

-Set up in less than a day

*Specifications subject to environmental factors and system configuration

Altaeros as a Partner

Altaeros specializes in the development, production, and operation of advanced tethered aerostat platforms. Our aerostats are the world’s only full-scale, fully autonomous aerostat system. Autonomy delivers significant operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Contact us to explore how autonomous aerostats can enhance your mission.

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