Emergency Response

Provide mission-critical LTE, WiFi, or other wireless coverage quickly with a rapidly deployable SuperTower.

Our Solution

Altaeros ST-Flex aerostats offer a quick and effective way to provide wireless coverage quickly after an emergency. Rapidly deployable SuperTowers can be towed by pickup trucks and deployed in less than a day to begin providing wide-area coverage to the affected areas to help first responders save lives.

LTE, 5G, WiFi, etc.

Our technology-agnostic payload design allows emergency response teams to seamlessly integrate SuperTowers into their existing networks and operations.


Situational Awareness

Add sensors to any payload to get a full aerial view of the situation to make informed decisions on the field and enhance relief efforts.


Monitor and identify problem areas before they get out of control before or after an emergency. Gather and process data to be better prepared to address the problems. Best used for forest fires, mud slides, and other natural disasters.

Effective emergency response requires uninterrupted communication 

Provide wireless coverage up to 40km (25 miles) away: high-speed connectivity is essential for first responders and subscribers

Increase situational awareness: combine sensors and comms to your payload to enhance relief efforts


Simplify logistics: wide-area coverage allows you to deploy outside the impacted area with existing backhaul

What we do

Altaeros specializes in the development, production, and operation of advanced tethered aerostat platforms. Our SuperTowers are the world’s only full-scale, fully autonomous aerostat system. Autonomy drives significant operational efficiencies, making our aerostat systems an order of magnitude more cost-effective than equivalent platforms.

Altaeros offers a range of turnkey rental options – from one week to multiple years – to meet the needs of every carrier. Whether you anticipate needing additional support at a single site or want to start building up a fleet to be ready for multiple locations we will find a plan that works for you. Our crews will deliver the ST-Flex when and where you want it, set it up, and operate it for the duration of each deployment. Afterward, our crews will repack the ST-Flex and deliver it the next time you need coverage fast.

Be Prepared for Any Emergency 

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