Port/Border Security

High mission availability gives port and border teams continuous situational awareness

Steady, consistent intel is key to staying on top. Persistent aerial perspective enables agents to
fight drug smuggling, human trafficking, and combat other threats more efficiently.

EO/IR Sensors

Actively search and
evaluate potential threats


Maintain awareness of all vehicles,
drones, and other objects

Comms Relays

Maintain strong comms signals
so crews can stay connected.


1. Increased Mission Availability Altaeros aerostats are operational in higher winds and more challenging weather conditions compared to tethered drones and traditional aerostats, enabling superior operational availability.

2. Technology Agnostic Features a flexible payload bay that can integrate a wide variety of payloads technologies. Multiple technologies can be co-located in one payload to provide a
complete operational solution.

3. Simplified Operation Autonomous aerostats require fewer operators and field technicians than traditional manually operated aerostats

Featured Product

ST-Flex Guardian Class

Guardian Class ST-Flex brings unparalleled performance in a portable, rapidly deployable package

-Maximum Flight Altitude: 1000 ft AGL (305m)

-Payload Mass: up to 132 lbs (60kg)

-Payload Types: Modular payload interface
supports a wide range of payloads including:
ISR, Radar, Narrow-Field Electro-optical/infrared, SIGINT, cUAS, MANET radios, Communications relay, Multi-sector 4G/5G

-Additional Government Features:
GPS hardening, ATTLA military transport certified, enhanced encryption, and more.

-Operating Modes: Aerostat Autopilot (Fully
Autonomous), Remote Control, Local Control

-Off-road and highway towable

-Set up in less than a day

*Specifications subject to environmental factors and system configuration

Altaeros as a Partner

Altaeros specializes in the development, production, and operation of advanced tethered aerostat platforms. Our aerostats are the world’s only full-scale, fully autonomous aerostat system. Autonomy delivers significant operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Contact us to explore how autonomous aerostats can enhance your mission.

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