PRESS RELEASE: Altaeros Takes Part in ARCANE THUNDER, A Multinational Military Exercise

Altaeros’ ST-Flex Guardian Class is the most reliable aerostat solution in its class

UTSKA POLAND (August 29th, 2023) Altaeros took part in Exercise ARCANE THUNDER 23, a multinational military demonstration focused on joint multi-domain battlespace awareness. U.S Army soldiers from the Electromagnetic Activities Company, 2nd Multi-Domain Task Force successfully operated the Altaeros ST-Flex aerostat through launchings, landings, and recovery actions. Learn more about the ST-Flex Guardian Class autonomous aerostat here:

ARCANE THUNDER is part of the U.S. Army Project Convergence Europe campaign, that helps to measure the progress of the services’ modernization efforts. The ARCANE THUNDER exercise tested and validated the services’ effects in air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace, further ensuring that they can overmatch any adversary.

“The Altaeros team along with the ST-Flex Guardian Class autonomous aerostat surpassed all mission and operational availability objectives during Exercise ARCANE THUNDER 23, as noted by multinational leadership including US Army officials, during the post-exercise wrap up.  We are committed to the continued success of our domestic and international partners, as well as DoD’s broader JADC2 objectives for a more connected multi-domain battlespace,” noted Jeff Lloyd-Jones, President of Altaeros. “Altaeros’ solutions are critical in enabling persistent ISR in the Mission Partner Environment with fielded, autonomous aerostat flight and smart payload solutions. Exercise ARCANE THUNDER 23 offered us the ideal opportunity to demonstrate the ability of these solutions to provide vital communications, intelligence, and EO/IR video across the battlespace.”

ST-Flex Guardian Class carries up to 130+ lbs (60 kg) of payload for a week or more at a time between top offs, at heights up to 1,000 feet (305 m) above ground. The umbilical tether houses separate dedicated fiber optic cables for avionics and payloads, ensuring data is always kept separated and secure. The equipment agnostic modular payload interface supports a wide range of payloads including: ISR, Radar, Narrow-Field Electro-optical/infrared, SIGINT, cUAS, MANET radios, Communications relay, Multi-sector 4G/5G and more. Additional Government Features include GPS hardening, military air transport certified and enhanced encryption to name just a few highlights. Aerostat Autopilot™, Altaeros’ proprietary autonomous control system, eliminates on-site crew for daily operations and ensures the highest level of mission availability, making ST-Flex Guardian Class the most reliable aerostat solution in its class.

About Altaeros: Altaeros’ mission is to connect people, machines, and data, no matter where they happen to be located. We leverage cutting-edge autonomy and advanced aerospace technology to build the most effective aerial platform available. Our SuperTowers are used to deliver high-speed communication networks, integrated sensor packages to provide persistent surveillance of the battlespace and an elevated vantage point for early detection of threats. Altaeros is headquartered in Somerville Massachusetts, with production and testing facilities in Fremont, New Hampshire. Altaeros is backed by SoftBank Group, SPARX, SKK, Safar Partners, and others.

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