Altaeros’ ST-Flex is a rapidly deployable aerial cell tower that provides wide-area coverage anywhere you need it.

JULY 6, 2021: Today, USA-based aerial platform innovator, Altaeros, announced the successful completion of Customer Acceptance Testing its new SuperTower™ product, ST-Flex™. ST-Flex is a portable, rapidly deployable SuperTower designed to simplify and accelerate network deployments for rural connectivity, disaster response, industrial IoT, and many other critical applications. ST-Flex will enable wireless communication providers to seamlessly deploy advanced connectivity services worldwide. Learn more about ST-Flex here:


ST-Flex carries up to 130+ lbs (60 kg) of payload for weeks at a time, at heights up to 1,000 feet (305 m) above ground. At this height, ST-Flex can cover the same area as 10+ ground-based towers. Power and fiber optic cables embedded in the tethers provide robust power and connectivity between the telecommunications payload and ground equipment. Together, these features provide a level of performance and flexibility unparalleled in the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) category. Aerostat Autopilot™, Altaeros’ proprietary suite of autonomous control software, eliminates on-site crew for daily operations and ensures the highest level of availability, making ST-Flex the most cost-effective aerostat solution in its class. With ST-Flex, Altaeros is significantly reducing the barrier to deploying airborne assets for critical connectivity across a range of applications.

“ST-Flex exceeded our expectations during the recent customer acceptance tests,” said Altaeros CEO, Ben Glass “We are excited to begin shipping ST-Flex to wireless carriers next month, to help them deliver global connectivity solutions to communities in need.”


About Altaeros: Altaeros’ mission is to connect people, machines, and data, no matter where they happen to be located. Founded at MIT in 2010, we are focused on developing and deploying innovative real-world aerial infrastructure solutions to solve the most difficult infrastructure challenges. Altaeros is headquartered in Somerville, MA, and is backed by SoftBank, SPARX Group, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Suhail Bahwan Group, and others.
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