The World’s Only Tethered Aerostats
Capable of Fully Autonomous Flight

High capacity, long-endurance tethered aerial platforms. Flexibility to lift any payload, anywhere.

Altaeros builds Autonomous Aerostats in a range of sizes, with fixed or mobile bases, to fit your business needs.

Light and Portable

Trailer-based ST-Flex  sets up in less than a day to lift 60kg of mission-critical payload

High Capacity

The fixed-base ST-300 lifts hundreds of kilograms for long-term deployments 

Custom Solutions

Our expert team can develop custom payload solutions or aerostat platforms for your application.

Introducing: ST-Flex

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Portable, Flexible, Rapidly Deployable

ST-Flex is ideal for a wide array of applications. It is rapidly deployable and easily transportable to wherever your mission requires. It can be deployed in under one day. The ST-Flex lifts payloads up to 60kg (130 lbs) and features Aerostat Autopilot to maintain operations without operator intervention.

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Altaeros ST-Flex

ST-Flex Use Cases

Mobile Networks

Industrial IoT

Emergency Response

Outdoor Event Marketing


Maximum Performance, Maximum Reliability

Connectivity has never been more important. Yet the high cost of wireless infrastructure keeps many rural communities and businesses out of the modern digital age. A single ST-300, with up to 300 kg (660 lbs) of payload, can reliably provide LTE/5G broadband in rural markets at a fraction of the cost of regular towers.


Learn how Altaeros can help you tackle the digital divide.


The Altaeros SuperTower flying over New Hampshire
A diagram of the Altaeros ST-300 SuperTower

ST-300 Use Cases

Mobile Networks

Fixed Wireless

Industrial IoT

Custom Options

Payload integration & turnkey solutions

Our team of experts will work with you on a custom payload specification that meets your exact needs. Or tell us your requirements and we’ll take it from there, with a turnkey solution leveraging the unique strengths of our SuperTower autonomous aerostat systems.


Custom aerostat development

Does your application require unique or specific features?  Our world-class team of designers and manufacturers can quickly turn your requirements into a customized autonomous aerostat platform that leverages our cutting-edge robotics technology to meet your exact needs.



Aerostat Field Support & Service 

Whether you lease or buy, we provide a range of services from 24/7 phone support to in-person field support, remote monitoring via Altaeros NOC or complete operational responsibility.


Altaeros Engineer lifting aerostat fabric

Image Gallery

The Altaeros SuperTower flying over New Hampshire
An Altaeros ST-200 in flight
A photo of the SuperTower from above taken with a drone
A SuperTower docked on the ground at the Altaeros R&D Center

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