The world’s most advanced
rapidly deployable autonomous aerostat

ST-Flex: Portable, Flexible, Rapidly Deployable

ST-Flex can be setup in less than a day, and carries 60kg (132lbs) of mission-critical payload

Rapid Deployment

ST-Flex is delivered on two
towable trailers and can be set up by a small team in less than a day

Simplified Operations

Aerostat Autopilot eliminates the
need for an on-site crew. Multiple
sites can be monitored from a
single ops center

Increased Uptime

Advanced stability control and
updraft/downdraft protection allow ST-Flex to fly through high winds and rough weather

ST-Flex Specs

-Maximum Flight Altitude: 1000 ft AGL (305m)

-Maximum Ground Elevation: 7000ft MSL (2133m)

-Operational Wind Speeds: 54 mph (87 kmh)

-Survival Wind Speeds: 93 mph (150 kmh)

-Payload Power: 1kW (Transmitted Through Tether)

-Data Transmission: Optical fiber in tether provides secure data link to ground

-Payload Mass: up to 132 lbs (60kg)

-Payload Types: Modular payload interface
Allows for a wide range of payloads including:
Multi-sector 4G/5G, IoT, Fixed Wireless, and more

-Operating Modes: Aerostat Autopilot (Fully
Autonomous), Remote Control, Local Control

-Redundancy: Three structurally redundant tethers minimize the risk of breakaway

-Off-road and highway towable

-Set up in less than a day

*Specifications subject to environmental factors and system configuration


All components of ST-Flex are housed on two
highway-towable trailers. Once on site, a small team can deploy the mooring station, inflate the aerostat, and complete commissioning steps to begin operations.

All set up operations are designed to be completed with 4 people in less than a day.

Need to move your ST-Flex? Pack up can also be completed in less than a day with a team of the same size.


Each ST-Flex comes equipped with a modular payload
bay capable of accommodating a wide range of
technologies including LTE, 5G, IoT, Fixed Wireless,
and more.

The quick connect rail system allows for fast
in-field equipment swaps.

The payload access work platform provides easy access to rapidly install, maintain, and switch key equipment without additional site infrastructure.


With Aerostat Autopilot, a single operator can simply send a launch command to the ST-Flex and the aerostat will autonomously take-off and fly.

Launching and landing can be done autonomously without the need for an on-site crew.

Maintenance for the aerostat and telecom payload does not require any specialized tower climbers. Key aerostat maintenance items as well as the payload can all be accessed from the mooring station work platform. This
increases safety for maintenance technicians and allows them to work more efficiently with additional cost savings.

Multiple Deployment Options

Autonomous Aerostats excel in a wide variety of missions and can be deployed
as a short-term or long-term solution to connectivity challenges

Disaster Response

-Quickly tow ST-Flex and set up
to start providing service in less
than a day

-Enhance network resiliency
in disaster response efforts

-Relocate ST-Flex when
needed to better serve
emergency operations



Short-Term Deployment

-Rapidly begin providing service
to a new area in need before
permanent infrastructure is built

-Perform market research and
gather usage data

-Cover a remote worksite with
a private 4G/5G network or provide

-Provide extra bandwidth for
sporting events, concerts, festivals,
and more

Semi-Permanent Deployment

-Set up 4G, 5G, fixed wireless, IoT
and more to cover a rural community,
business or industry in need

-One ST-Flex covers the same area
as 10+ ground-based cell towers

-Permitting is far simpler than multiple
steel towers, which can drag out
multiple years

-Add custom graphics or advertising
to any deployment configuration

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