ST-Flex Guardian Class

The world’s most advanced rapidly deployable autonomous aerostat

ST-Flex Guardian Class outperforms traditional aerostats and tethered drones

Rapid Deployment

The towable ST-Flex
System can be deployed
by a small team in
less than a day

Simplified Operations

Aerostat Autopilot eliminates the
need for an on-site crew. Multiple
sites can be monitored from a
single ops center

Increased Uptime

Advanced stability control and
updraft/downdraft protection
allow ST-Flex to fly through
high winds and rough weather

ST-Flex Guardian Class Specs

-Maximum Flight Altitude: 1000 ft AGL (305m)

-Maximum Ground Elevation: 7000ft MSL (2133m)

-Operational Wind Speeds: 54 mph (87 kmh)

-Survival Wind Speeds: 93 mph (150 kmh)

-Payload Power: 1kW (Transmitted Through Tether)

-Payload Mass: up to 132 lbs (60kg)

-Payload Types: Modular payload interface
supports a wide range of payloads including:
ISR, Radar, Narrow-Field Electro-optical/infrared, SIGINT, cUAS, MANET radios, Communications relay, Multi-sector 4G/5G

-Secure Data Transmission: Umbilical tether houses separate dedicated fiber optic cables for avionics and payloads

-Redundancy: Three structurally redundant
Tethers minimize the risk of breakaway

-Additional Government Features:
GPS hardening, military transport certified,
enhanced encryption, and more.

-Operating Modes: Aerostat Autopilot (Fully
Autonomous), Remote Control, Local Control

-Off-road and highway towable

-Set up in less than a day

*Specifications subject to environmental factors and system configuration


All components of ST-Flex are housed on two
highway-towable trailers. Once on site, a small team can deploy the mooring station, inflate the aerostat, and complete commissioning steps to begin operations.

All set up operations are designed to be completed
with 4 people in less than a day.

Need to move your ST-Flex? Pack up can also be
completed in less than a day with a team of the same


ST-Flex is built with a modular payload bay capable of accommodating a wide range of technologies including radar, EO/IR Sensors, comms relays, and more.

The quick connect rail system allows for fast
in-field equipment swaps.

The payload access work platform provides easy access
to rapidly install, maintain, and switch key equipment
without additional site infrastructure.


With Aerostat Autopilot, a single operator can simply
send a launch command to the ST-Flex and the
aerostat will autonomously take-off and fly.

Launching and landing can be done autonomously
without need for an on-site crew.

Local and remote control are both available for operators as their mission requires.

ST-Flex Guardian Class Aerostats Modernize Over a Century of Aerostat History


Aerostats are a proven battle-hardened aerial platform valued by militaries and governments
around the world for their safety, resiliency and flexibility with decades
of successful field operations in harsh conditions.

ST-Flex equipped with Aerostat Autopilot brings aerostats into the modern age with
cutting edge autonomy and unmatched mission availability

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